Vaporizers do not combust and destroy sensitive/active ingredients. You avoid inhaling carbon monoxide, tar, and hundreds of other unhealthy chemicals produced by combustion.

Use a small brulee torch to warm the heating element. Warms in 1 minute. When hot, the wood safely keeps the heating element off/away from the table no matter what side of the wood you put down.

Heat control is EXTREMELY important. The temperature is displayed by a very accurate digital thermometer (±2°F maximum error). The digital thermometer sensor is in direct contact with the heating element for precise readings. The thermometer comes equipped with a green backlight to make readings more visible in low light surroundings. You’ll never have to worry about remembering to turn off the thermometer because it comes installed with an automatic 10 minute shut-off timer. Just like your tobacco, the thermometer battery will last a very long time.

After four years of research/development and seven major design changes, the Supreme Vaporizer ™ has evolved to be the smallest/most powerful highest quality vaporizer in the world. This is the ONLY medical grade vaporizer in the world that can fit inside your pocket.

Three things you will PERMANENTLY remember after using the Supreme Vaporizer:

1) Your tobacco will last three times longer than usual (you will be amazed!).
2) The vapor density is extremely thick and tasty.
3) Very easy and enjoyable to use.

Each vaporizer is 100% hand made in the USA by the inventor. Our heating elements are custom made with only the highest quality materials available, professionally welded, grinded, buffed, engraved and thoroughly cleaned. Each vaporizer is also tested at high temperatures for 5 minutes before going into the market. You can rest assured that there's absolutely no metallic taste whatsoever and that all functions are fully operational and ready to go. You get beautiful craftsmanship (metal fabrication and woodworking) along with the latest technologies available in manufacturing. The woodworking contains 24 precision cuts, double sanding, deep laser engraving, and a rich stain on beautiful (hand picked) African mahogany wood.

Package Includes: vaporizer, mini air cooler (mouthpiece), cone adapter (to connect to most water devices sold at pipe shops), and instruction. 30 day warranty on all parts.