Safety 1st: We use high temperature aluminum (4,426 F boiling point) that is 100% safe. There is no metallic taste and it will never come close to releasing any kind of particles whatsoever. On the left is our heating element without its thick high temperature shell.


Typical vaporizers channel air through a distance of 2 INCHES through their heating element (using poor heat conductive materials and nothing to agitate the air). Remember that "air" is a perfect insulator and that many trillions of air molecules pass the heating element in a matter of seconds. The Supreme Vaporizer channels air 1.5 FEET through the heating element, not 2 inches. It is designed to be the best possible heat conductor (un-like ceramic or glass).

The heating element is designed to contain massive amounts of heat (thatís why soo much fire power is needed to start this vaporizer). These two properties, combined with 89 heat transferring structures (highly heat conductive used to agitate/mix the air) can be found in our heating element. They consistently heat ALL air molecules to the same temperature as the heating element.

Most vaporizers have about 2 square inches of usable heat exchanging surface area to conduct heat onto the herbal chamber (that's nothing). We have 28 square inches of usable surface area inside our patented heating element using all the methods described in the above paragraphs. The heating element efficiency, in regards to surface area, is comparable to the amount of grip a large tire would have on the ground compared to the grip a thin tire would have on the ground (more surface area = more contact = more power exchange).

Our heating element is manufactured in California by precision CNC machines, robotic welding, and skilled metal fabricators for precision air seals. Everything is thoroughly inspected and cleaned by the inventor. There is no metallic taste whatsoever. 100% safe as glass.